Annealed wire


The annealed wire is obtained by applying a heat treatment to the wire rod that is used as raw material. High temperatures (approximately 700 degrees) are applied to it so that it becomes a more manageable element and with that acquired flexibility, it can be easily adapted to the wanted purposes.

At Trefilados Urbano we are specialized in the manufacture of low carbon annealed wire. Its application is common for both domestic and professional use. It is widely used in construction, in industrial processes, and many other uses.

Thickness and standard formats of low carbon annealed wire

We manufacture low carbon annealed wire from 1.20 mm to 4.90 mm. Always at the customer’s service. We always adjust to your demand, so we offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of thickness.

In this excellent line, we also offer different format alternatives:

  • Annealed wire rolls of 25 to 250 Kg.
  • Annealed wire coils of 600 to 800 Kg.
  • Packing annealed wire rolls of 45 Kg.

If you need a low carbon annealed wire other than the proposals presented, do not hesitate to contact us to see if it’s possible. If it’s in our power, count on it.

Annealed wire - Trefilados Urbano

Annealed wire - Trefilados Urbano

Committed to quality

Since our beginning, this company and the team that comprises it have always been committed to the highest levels of quality. All our processes follow strict controls to guarantee the optimal development of the final product at all times.

In the case of low carbon annealed wire, it should be noted that this is a product highly requested by customers thanks to its good results. Also, it has qualities in its favor that must be taken into account, such as that it presents less dirt at the time of working, as well as a stable and smooth surface throughout the entire wire.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and possibilities.