Wires for stapling wooden containers


Any self-respecting company must always bet on innovation and not cease in its efforts to improve, both in its processes and in the products it puts on the market. This spirit has always been part of the DNA of Trefilados Urbano, a company where customer satisfaction is the main objective.

Pioneers in the wire for stapling wooden containers

With this goal always in mind, we constantly carry out tests and trials to achieve the highest possible efficiency. Precisely this innovative spirit emerged wire stapled wooden containers. That is why we can proudly say that we were pioneers in the production of this type of wire in Spain.

Also, the agri-food sector has always been very present in our day to day, asking us for solutions to improve its packaging and transport processes. Hence the need to create a wire that would provide resistance to another noble material such as wood. From this combination emerged one of the most common packaging internationally, the wooden box built on the basis of joints established by wire staples.

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However, although at first, you may tend to think that these staples are not very complicated, the truth is that there are different types depending on its purpose. This means that the wire with which the staple is made is not the same if the container is only going to be used for transport or if, otherwise, it is going to be placed inside a cold room.

In the first case, it is not necessary for the gray wire to go through any extra manufacturing process, while in the second it is necessary to cover the wire with a galvanized coating so that moisture does not lead to erosion and the material oxidizes more quickly. Must try to provide the best durability in each case.

Wires for stapling wooden containers - Trefilados Urbano

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