Gray Wire


The gray high carbon wire is a high resistance material, although shows more oxidation than galvanized. However, it is the best solution when the product is not going to be exposed to the elements or excessively adverse conditions. The robustness that carbon gives it allows it to give its task more than solvency effectiveness.

There are many applications that high carbon gray wire can cover. Among them, we can mention its use in the dock sector, for example, of mattresses where, since it is not exposed, galvanizing is not required. Or, also, the sleepers of railway lines.

Diversity of high carbon gray wire formats

The formats we have available are:

  • Gray wire in a trancanée coil of 500 to 1.000 Kg.
  • Gray wire in rosette up to 1.000 Kg.

Remember that being manufacturers of gray wire we give the possibility that it adjusts to your demand in terms of thickness, length, or presentation format. Tell us what you are interested in and we will make you a personalized proposal.

Gray Wire - Trefilados Urbano


Elaboration process

Once the raw material is received, it is processed by introducing it into a winder. At the same time, it passes through rollers to straighten the wire rod and through twisting to detach the scale that comes from the lamination.

Subsequently, it is passed to the drawing machine and through a conical-shaped tungsten metal row it is stretched until the wanted diameter is reached.

If galvanizing is required, we deposit it on a winder to unwind it while passing through a degreasing tub to clean the wire. Once the surface is clean, we continue with the oven and by immersion the coating is achieved.


If you want more information about our high carbon gray wire, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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