Galvanized wire


High-carbon galvanized wire is a high-resistance material widely used in strategic sectors such as railways or electricity. These require highly resistant and durable elements due to the extreme conditions they face. 100% guaranteed.

Its good performance has allowed high carbon galvanized wire to also begin to have a presence in economic segments such as the pier or fishing. Its possibilities are as wide as its advantages.

High carbon galvanized wire, a 100% recommended product for its effectiveness and durability

At Trefilados Urbano we have been manufacturers of high carbon galvanized wire since 1982. We are specialized in adapting to what clients of all types and sectors ask of us. In addition, we work with general-purpose galvanizing and trancannée galvanizing.

General-purpose wire

It's the most common wire and it's usually related to this kind of product. It consists of arranging the product in the traditional roll manually.

Trancannée wire

It is different from the previous one in its presentation. Although the wire may be the same, in this case, its arrangement is carried out automatically in rolls. They are highly demanded by large companies, since they favor production processes, improving economic and time performance.

Galvanized wire - Trefilados Urbano

Over 30 years of warranty

Galvanized wire has greater resistance to inclement weather and extreme circumstances than gray wire. Under normal conditions, a standard wire has a durability of around 5 years, but this could be altered if the material is exposed to chemicals or abrasives, as well as salty environments.

Given this type of case, it is recommended to opt for a galvanized coating.

There are two classes:

  • The normal galvanized
  • The triple galvanized (reinforced), whose duration reaches three decades.

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