Pvc coated wire


They say there is no better advertising than “word of mouth”, we are not sure about it, but the truth is that we have a loyal and satisfied clientele that has been growing over the last decades.

At Trefilados Urbano we started our professional career back in 1982. A long time has passed since then, but our passion for what we do remains intact. Perhaps that momentum and know-how that we put on everything we develop have made us the reference company that we are today in the field of wire producers.

National and international coverage

We manufacture all types of wires, including plasticized galvanized wire, for clients from different parts of the Spanish geography and outside our borders. We cover the entire Spanish territory and we have more and more presence in regions such as Latin America or Europe.

Both national and international clients ask us for new products to meet greater solutions. This is how the plasticized galvanized wire emerged, which differs from the rest due to the PVC covering that surrounds it. This coating provides an additional plus of protection to the galvanized.

Pvc coated wire - Trefilados Urbano


Meanwhile, this coverage can be of different colors. A very common use is the one that is given in trellis, metal mesh or gardening to take care of the aesthetic issue, hence the requirement of the green color. But you can choose the option that suits you, you just have to contact us.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and possibilities.