Urzinal wire (Zinc + aluminum)


URZINAL is a high-purity zinc alloy containing 5% or 10% aluminum and some rare dirt additions. The corrosion resistance provided by this alloy is much higher than that obtained with pure zinc from traditional galvanizing. The composition (95% Zn) and (5% or 10% Al) is not accidental:

corresponds to a eutectic (minimum melting point of the different possible alloys). The microcrystalline structure of the coating layer in pure Zinc “Reinforced” galvanization has a plate or needle arrangement.

The most corrosion resistant wire

URZINAL has a much finer and less oriented microstructure, with a perfect mixture of the microcrystals of the two metals. For this reason, it has lower porosity, better uniformity against oxidation, and consequently greater corrosion resistance. Aluminum is a more electropositive metal than Zinc. Therefore the corrosion time is longer.

The Zinc (less noble metal, more oxidizable) has the advantage of offering galvanic (electro-chemical) type protection to steel: it protects even nearby uncoated areas. The union of these two metals achieves the sum of the two effects, which enhance each other; the best corrosion resistance of Aluminum, and the best galvanic protection of Zinc.

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During the reaction with oxygen (oxidation) Zinc and Aluminum oxide crystals are formed. The mere observation of the white oxide of Zinc (in powder form) compared to that of Aluminum oxide, more compact, helps to understand the passivating action offered by URZINAL alloy. The percentage of Aluminum on the external surface of the coating increases throughout the useful life of the product and with it, the passivating effect. The ductility of the URZINAL alloy is very high.

Adhesion tests are unbeatable, with no flaking or detachment of the coating in the tests with twisting of the wires. All this theoretical justification has its experimental side. It can be verified how the coatings with URZINAL alloy offer greater resistance to corrosion by qualitative and quantitative tests in various corrosive environments.

2 points : normal coating Zinc + Aluminum, second point: triple coating of Zinc + Aluminum


Urzinal wire (Zinc + aluminum) - Trefilados Urbano


Wide variety of urzinal wire formats

Advantages of Urzinal:

  • Easy and cheap installation.
  • Durability and stable shape. The triple layer galvanized wires with which they are made guarantee high resistance to corrosion. Perfect adherence and concentricity of the Zinc + Aluminum coating.
  • Excellent cost-benefit.
  • Pleasant structures integrated into your environment with a low environmental impact.
  • Versatile.

Urzinal wire formats:

  • High-carbon steel Urzinal wire
  • Low-carbon steel Urzinal wire
  • Urzinal steel strands and ropes
  • Urzinal Grapillón
  • Urzinal Grapillón J

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